Woebot Health

Unleashing the potential of AI-powered therapy to democratize mental health access.

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How do we convince the world that AI is part of the future of mental health?


With the mental health system under unprecedented stress from COVID and therapist waitlists growing, Woebot Health raised $90M to bet on B2B growth.

To get there, they needed to clearly differentiate their AI tools from a swath of competitors known for a conventional approach to digital mental healthcare.


We anchored a brand vision in the clear advantages of Woebot’s proven tech: engaging, empathetic, and always-on. Whereas other providers stick to a clinical, impersonal approach, Woebot offers customized and immediate support to people, whenever and wherever they need it––enabling a smarter relationship with their mental health.


A familiar and vibrant identity that evokes themes of partnership, empathy and having enough emotional space to tend to feelings. Atmospheric illustrations capture the intimate experience of navigating thoughts through the therapy experience, enabling Woebot to show all the use cases their products solve for.

“They get to the truth of things. They’re able to distill things in a way that is really meaningful and completely anchored in people’s lived experience, which is why they matched us so well. They’re all incredibly knowledgeable, they are incredibly professional.”

—Alison Darcy, Founder & President