Nomad Health

Reinvigorating a category first mover by tapping into the passion of providers.

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Clinicians were feeling burned out and working in a forever changed healthcare landscape. How could Nomad better support those who have made it their lives to care for others?

COVID-19 applied added pressure to a global healthcare system that was already struggling with staffing shortages. High turnover, increased rates of retirement, and fewer graduates meant overworked clinicians managing massive patient volume. As a result, they felt overlooked and undervalued.

As a company that’s always supported the voice of clinicians, Nomad felt the need to refresh its brand to keep up with changing cultural and consumer dynamics. We partnered together to refresh Nomad’s brand and reinvigorate clinicians passion for care.

The Challenge

Nomad’s roots were in its game-changing technology and transparency into the often opaque healthcare staffing marketplace. However, as other players entered the space and the inflated COVID pay rates began to wane, transparency and high pay were no longer enough to attract clinicians. We needed to shift the brand into new emotional territory to carry the brand into the future.

Together, we set out to develop a North Star that not only set Nomad Health apart from the crowded industry, but also proved to clinicians that we are undeniably on their side.


Our role is to care for clinicians by helping them get to where they want to go faster.

Through robust qualitative and quantitative research, we learned that clinicians have clear goals they’re working towards, but can’t always find the right path to get there. Whether it’s seeing the country, buying a new home, or learning new skills — we learned that travel roles can help you inch closer towards your big dreams. 


We positioned Nomad as a catalyst where every act of care is an opportunity for progress, empowering clinicians to move closer to their goals with each assignment they took on.

With our North Star and value prop in hand, we developed an audience segmentation showing how progress manifests for each of our priority segments, a brand personality informing how Nomad shows up in the world, and a messaging strategy to guide communications and marketing.

But we didn’t stop there. Based on the strategy, we also designed a new visual identity that respected Nomad’s origins while also cueing that the brand was embracing a new era of growth.

Our approach was to bring the central idea of movement towards your personal and professional goals to life visually by representing the dynamic and fast-paced nature of travel roles.

We updated the brand colors to a vibrant and friendly red color that adds energy and excitement into the brand expression and separates Nomad from the sea of hospital green and blues.

We also introduced a dynamic line element that conveys movement and represents a clinician’s career trajectory.

“Our refreshed branding is an expression of that desire to keep our company and the industry moving forward. We are excited to enter this new era with a new look while staying true to the core values that have driven our company’s remarkable growth…” 

Alexi Nazem, Co-founder and CEO

Creative Direction: Redscout
Illustration: Pao Bassol
Animation: Patrick Finn
Photography: Handcar