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Who supports the independent workforce that supports all of us? 

Whether you know it or not, the independent workforce boom has impacted your day-to-day. That pizza you had delivered to offset
the Sunday scaries? The Uber you took to avoid a crowded subway? What about that freelancer who took that extra work off your plate? 

You guessed it–probably all 1099-ers.

As an insurance marketplace, the flood of independent workers into the labor market presented an opportunity for Stride to answer the call – who supports independent workers when they support all of us? 

Redscout worked with the Stride team to demystify the lives of this 58M+ largely underserved group and create a strong brand foundation that would set them up for future growth.

The more independent the worker, the less they live their independence.

The core insight of this project came from an interview with Thomas, an uninsured part-time bartender. Workers find themselves grinding and working overtime to keep up rather than enjoying the freedom independence is meant to grant them. To Thomas, working solo meant managing everything on their own; including their time, finances, and success.

Redscout led deep ethnographic interviews and a quantitative study of over 3,000 workers to surface their goals and ambitions, areas where they could use support, and what it’s like to be a 1099 worker today.

With a richer understanding of who these workers are—their day-to-day realities, driving motivators, and deepest pain points—we clustered them into three audience segments. Creating clarity for the role Stride should best play in supporting workers who have distinct mindsets, goals, and needs.

Our brand refresh has enable us to visually showcase the breadth of our offering to independent workers – health, tax support and benefits savings – because being independent shouldn’t come at steeper cost.

Co-founder and CEO

In a category that overlooks these workers, we built a brand identity designed to spotlight them.

The North Star we developed for Stride was to enable workers to realize the full promise of their independence. With this foundation, we also partnered together to create:

A brand and GTM strategy to connect with an underserved audience.
Tools & frameworks to simply and easily communicate this anything-but-simple topic.

A visual identity that highlights traditionally overlooked workers.
Founder & CEO Noah Lang, once an independent worker, understood being overlooked. Inspired by Noah’s story, we crafted a bold visual identity that felt human, distinctive, and warm.

A website that brought it all together.
A revamped homepage and product pages to bring the North Star and product offerings together in a clear and visually compelling way.


A brand that’s grown its market share by building trust one market at a time. 

With the launch of the new brand, 4 million new independent workers have signed up for Stride.

Stride successfully launched its first-ever contributions program for gig workers.

Stride has secured a partnership with the State of Utah to launch a Stride Contributions program.


Stride’s bright new site launched in April 2024

The revamped site and app feature fresh messaging and custom illustrations housed in a bespoke design system.


Illustration & Character Animation

Pao Bassol


Scott Hanson, Scott Crozier, Patrick Finn

Website Development

Tiny Wins