Readying a healthcare leader to serve the public not just as patients, but as people.

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The pandemic reframed America’s relationship with healthcare. The rise of at-home tests, telehealth, and accessible personal data created a new craving for direct, personal, and proactive solutions.


Quest, the nation’s largest diagnostics provider, had long partnered with the healthcare professionals.  But it wasn’t yet meeting rising patient demand for direct control of their care journey.

Quest needed to make a bold move—one unprecedented for a healthcare brand of its size. It needed a new identity, and new offerings that would take it from clinical to consumer-preferred, from B2B to DTC.

Together, we defined a new narrative, brand system, and experiences to ready Quest to serve the public not just as patients, but as people.


The new design system is inspired by the mosaic of cells that work together to keep us healthy. It plays with scale to represent both the precise, micro detail and the broad perspective Quest brings. And it’s meant to be bold and approachable, inspiring trust in Quest—and yourself.

Alongside this new design system, a new brand strategy and tone of voice—one that’s confident, welcoming, curious, and candid—make way for consumer-first storytelling.

 With this system in place, we turned our focus to designing a range of new experiences that serve consumers in new ways, like home test kits—currently in development.


Quest’s new chapter began with the launch of its consumer-focused website,, and a campaign—each introducing a fresher, more expanded role for the brand to play in people’s lives.

Current in development: a range of new products, services, and experiences that will deepen that new role.

Campaign creative from R/GA

Creative Direction & Design: Redscout
Animation: Will Kim, Scott Hanson
Video Production: Scott Hanson

Illustration: Bryce Wymer, Reece Parker
Sound Design: Extra Large
Logo Refinement: 
Nathan Metzler