Handsome Brook Farms

Standing out by speaking about a vision for the industry, not just what’s in the box.

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A purposeful mission, fresh identity and catchy campaign that positions Handsome Brook Farms as the only choice for conscious consumers.

The new bright identity and the accompanying pack have an unmissable revolutionary and optimistic spirit, as well as a contemporary connection to the farm.

How can we take a stand to stand out on shelf?

Handsome Brook Farms leads the movement away from big factory farming and toward smaller sustainable systems with its organic, pasture raised eggs. Yet with so many industry acronyms and claims in the aisle, even sustainability-minded shoppers couldn’t tell what made Handsome Brooks Farms eggs different.

“We really enjoyed the process of building and discovery with Redscout. They were able to generate and synthesize information clearly and come out with something we all feel reflects who we are strategically and visually.”

—Matthew Sherman, CMO Handsome Brook Farms


Our analysis revealed that the category is mired in nostalgia, but HBF customers care about the future.

We repositioned Handsome Brook Farms as the bold choice for a brighter tomorow, designing a brand for shoppers who aspire to vote with their wallet.

The new mission, website, packaging and campaign cut the ‘eggy’ jargon and highlight the impact of your choice in the aisle: Handsome eggs are an unapologetic statement about the world you want to create.

The word “Handsome” has been elevated and redefined as an aspirational and memorable standard: small farms, big hearts and a brighter future.

Brand awareness increased by 30% within the first 2 months. Today, Handsome Brook Farm eggs are available in 5,000+ stores in the United States and counting.

A digital campaign was developed that explains how convoluted and confusing eggs claims obscure what should be an obvious choice at the supermarket.