Best Buy

Rallying an organization to shift its focus from retail to customer relationships.

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A vision for growth for Best Buy that accelerated the business’ transformation by unlocking new revenue opportunities and energizing employees, customers, and the market.


In the age of Amazon, what is the competitive edge our investors, teams and customers will believe in?

Seven years into Hubert Joly’s tenure as CEO, Best Buy stood as a rare survivor in big box retail.

As the executive team defined the next chapter of Best Buy’s growth, they sought help defining a credible vision that would reinforce core strengths and pave a path to revenue diversification.

“At a moment when our company was at a transition from turnaround story to future growth story, Redscout was an invaluable partner. Their work expanded our thinking at the highest levels and enabled us to celebrate the best of who we were while inspiring an evolved identity and cultural shift toward what we aspire to be.”

— Frank Crowson, Best Buy CMO


Consumer tech has become a central to healthcare, education, home and more.

In these increasingly intimate domains Best Buy has a strategic advantage that competitors simply can’t copy: the person-to-person support and understanding that Blue Shirt and Geek Squad team members bring to every customer interaction.

‘Let’s Talk About What’s Possible’ is a strategy for transforming Best Buy from a retailer to trusted tech service provider, while empowering current employees to be part of Best Buy’s future.


The strategy and accompanying trainings permeated Best Buy’s culture across its 140k corporate and retail employees, reshaping internal culture and external comms and experiences.

The “guiding behaviors” launched alongside the strategy have become a core part of the company’s vocabulary and establish a clear filter for decision-making within and across teams.

The work accelerated the launch of membership programs and new service-oriented businesses in Health and Fitness, and continues to inform priorities and initiatives to this day.