Jasmeet Gill

Empathetic from a young age, Jas has always had a passion for understanding how and why people think and act the way they do. She believes consumer insights are vital to brands looking to evolve and remain relevant in our ever-changing world. Joining Redscout after 10 years in the advertising industry, she combines branding and […]

Biba Kosmerl

As a graphic designer, Biba enjoys solving complex design problems with novel solutions. Her work often blends order and elegance with a hint of playfulness. Prior to joining Redscout, she worked as a designer in the cultural, editorial, and academic fields. She is passionate about designing websites, trying to replicate her grandma’s baking, and making […]

Sabrina Vanterpool

Sabrina has a great appreciation for all things literary and words. She found strategy through a desire to understand other people’s stories. She believes that brands shape us, and therefore, should use empathetic consumer insights to create meaningful connections and provide real value for people. Outside the office, you can find her soaking up the […]

Kyle Showen

Kyle’s passion lies in connecting with and helping others. Prior to joining Redscout he honed his compassionate and service-centric approach in the fields of hospitality, high-growth consumer tech, and as an account lead at creative agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. He enjoys leveraging his can-do enthusiasm, pragmatism, and diplomacy to support both clients […]

Christina Sailer

Inspired by the opportunity to answer big questions, Christina joined Redscout in 2015 to help companies unlock their brand potential. As a Senior Client Services Manager, she keeps projects on the rails, working cross-discipline and with an alphabet soup of industries: F+B, CPG, and DTC. Prior to joining Redscout, Christina spent five years in the […]

Claudia Puerta

Dubbed “Cash Claudia”, Claudia is a skilled Accountant with 12+ years of experience. She enjoys solving problems and helps protect Redscout by avoiding any unnecessary costs. Claudia gained her experience throughout the years by working for non-profit organizations and Charter Schools in NYC. When not in the office, Claudia can be found spending time with […]