Sabrina Vanterpool

Sabrina has a great appreciation for all things literary and words. She found strategy through a desire to understand other people’s stories. She believes that brands shape us, and therefore, should use empathetic consumer insights to create meaningful connections and provide real value for people. Outside the office, you can find her soaking up the […]

Zaira Vallejo

Zaira is a self-identifying curious person. For her, the joy of being a Strategist comes from the opportunity to be forever learning, ask infinite questions, and test ideas that shake up category conventions and long-held beliefs. With experience in startups and direct-to-consumer companies, she believes in the power of brand in service of better business […]

Kyle Showen

Kyle’s passion lies in connecting with and helping others. Prior to joining Redscout he honed his compassionate and service-centric approach in the fields of hospitality, high-growth consumer tech, and as an account lead at creative agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. He enjoys leveraging his can-do enthusiasm, pragmatism, and diplomacy to support both clients […]