Zaira Vallejo

Zaira is a self-identifying curious person. For her, the joy of being a Strategist comes from the opportunity to be forever learning, ask infinite questions, and test ideas that shake up category conventions and long-held beliefs. With experience in startups and direct-to-consumer companies, she believes in the power of brand in service of better business […]

Connie Lim

Connie joined Redscout in 2019 with experience in retail, consumer goods, tech, healthcare, and more. As a researcher and cultural anthropologist, she is most interested in the nuanced understanding of what drives people within larger societal contexts. Prior to Redscout, Connie was a Strategist at Edelman, where she drove strategy for several national creative campaigns. […]

Erica Bond

Erica can derive enthusiasm in nearly any topic and loves to find out what excites other people. Prior to joining Redscout in 2022, Erica worked in consumer research and architectural strategy. Her experience spans a real hodgepodge of industries: CPG, entertainment, travel, finance, healthcare, and education, and she loves a project that will let her […]