Sabrina Vanterpool

Sabrina has a great appreciation for all things literary and words. She found strategy through a desire to understand other people’s stories. She believes that brands shape us, and therefore, should use empathetic consumer insights to create meaningful connections and provide real value for people. Outside the office, you can find her soaking up the […]

Gavon Broomfield

Gavon is a big picture thinker who loves to color outside the lines. His background in psychology and fashion makes him especially keen on waves in culture and trends within innovation. He believes that brands have a responsibility not only to do well as a business but to do good for the planet. When he’s […]

Kendal Burkins

Kendal is a fan of fiction and a dreamer at heart. He found his way to strategy through design after realizing the importance of purpose and intention in making anything lasting and sustainable. He believes in the power brands have in shaping our world, and as a strategist, he aims for solutions that address client […]

Justin Alicastro

Justin joined Redscout at the start of 2022 with a background in media and a penchant for branding. As a strategist he’s driven by storytelling, and loves to go beneath the surface of every idea and fiddle with the minutiae to craft a compelling narrative. He believes every brand has a story to tell, even if […]