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Getting people the care they deserve through AI.

The Change

The conversation around mental health and the marketplace surrounding it has been transforming at an exponential pace. Yet the role of technology within this new reality has remained undefined and misunderstood.

As a company betting to disrupt mental healthcare with AI, Woebot was facing a steep perception issue.

An empathic, conversational personality gives Woebot’s technology a softer feel.
The rallying cry for what Woebot delivers—true mental health allyship.
The unlock

We embraced the notion that mobile, conversational technology, available when people need it most, is the most human form of mental healthcare. 

In comparison to other providers that required planning ahead of time, we highlighted Woebot’s superpower: immediate, unfettered access to help. 

We called it: small chats for big feelings.


From that unlock we built a deeply human brand. 

A familiar, colorful identity connects to the brand positioning of making space for your mental wellbeing and the website brings to life core themes of allyship, empathy and self-sufficiency.

This approach has enabled Woebot to showcase all the situations their products are designed for—without following category tropes of smiling faces, and vague promises of becoming a “new you.”

Atmospheric illustrations by Grace J. Kim capture a range of different moods.
What we’re talking about

“It is when consumers are granted the power to decide how a brand will lead them to their self-idealized state that profound loyalty becomes possible.”

— Kyle Showen, Senior Client Services Manager

Photo by Yana Hurska
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