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Making reading unmissable.

The Change

The world in which kids learn to read has radically changed. Technology and the pandemic introduced new distractions and pressures in school and at home. As Scholastic welcomed new leadership and celebrated 100 years, they needed a North Star to adapt to the new literacy landscape and meet the needs of today’s readers.

The unlock

At the heart of our idea was exploring what’s at stake when we miss out on reading. Beyond academic skill, reading is also an opportunity to see ourselves and the world. We found that a world unread is a one of deepening divides where we all stand to lose. Which raised the question: what would it look like for Scholastic to make reading unmissable?

What we’re talking about

“It is when consumers are granted the power to decide how a brand will lead them to their self-idealized state that profound loyalty becomes possible.”

— Kyle Showen, Senior Client Services Manager

Photo by Yana Hurska
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